What Questions Should You Ask When Purchasing Height Safety Equipment?

Height safety should always be taken seriously. Here is a list on questions that you should always be asking when you are looking to purchase new height safety equipment for your construction workers.

1- How Will This Protect My Workers?
Always question how a piece of equipment is going to protect your workers. You do not want to be purchasing something for the sake of having an extra accessory. It is good to know exactly what it will do to protect your workers. If they are unable to answer, it may be best to look for another supplier.

2- How Does This Piece of Safety Equipment Work?
Another question you should always ask is how a piece of safety equipment works. It is good to know how every piece of safety equipment works, this way you will know how to explain everything to your workers so they are aware of why they need to use it.

3- How Do I Set This Up / Use This Item?
Do not be afraid to ask how to use or set up any piece of height safety equipment that you are planning to purchase. It is ideal to know exactly how to set up or use the item. This way you can pass this information over clearly to your workers. Ensuring that every piece of equipment is used correctly to give its full potential. If your supplier is not able to tell you how the piece of equipment should be used or set up, you should consider using another supplier that can help you.

4- What Is The Likelihood This Will Work?
A tough question to ask, but you want to know how likely it is that the piece of equipment that you are purchasing will work. Your workers will want to know how protected they are going to be when using the equipment. You always want to try and source equipment with the highest protection rate.